Biking in Zion National Park

Biking the Zion National Park can be one of the most rewarding journeys a person – or their entire family – may undertake. The park is located in Utah and is known for the different geological formations – including the Grand Canyon – it features. This means that biking is more popular than hiking in some cases, but that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from taking to the trails. Here are some tips on how to enjoy biking in Zion National Park.

The National Park features two interconnected trails systems, each with their own name meaning different things. South Rim Trailheads begins at the south rim of the park and runs eastward, while the Main Trail goes northward from west Utah towards the continental divide. Within the National Park boundaries are many other trails such as Highway 89-A and Cedar Beaks State Park.

Zion National Park isn’t as big on biking as it’s done on television. In fact, it’s actually one of the smaller biking destinations within the United States. Still, this should not deter visitors, as there are a wide variety of great trails here. Of course, the most famous trail is the Zion National Park Loop. This is a 9-mile long trail that visitors can begin by turning around at the turnaround point on the south rim and then continue to follow the trail as it meanders through a forested canyon. It has can be an excellent choice for first time bikers since there are plenty of options to keep you challenged – including a covered wooden bridge that will help you cross over a creek and back into the wilderness.

Another popular trail includes the Bridalveil Falls. This falls is actually visible from the rim of Bridalveil Lake, but you must travel up a long dirt road to get to it. Once there, you’ll find a very large slab of rock that rises from the waters’ surface into a steep gully. At the end of this gully, you’ll find a scramble of trails leading towards the parking lot, which allows you to simply drop your bags and start your journey again.

Another great option for those who want more than just biking in Zion National Park is the Half Moon Trail. It starts at the turnaround point just past the Bridalveil Fall and continues all the way to the parking area at the base of the canyon. The Half Moon Trail features beautiful views of the surrounding landscape as you meander your way down into the forest. One interesting aspect of this trail is the rock outcropping right behind you, where you’ll discover the remains of an ancient cabin. Hiking enthusiasts can find a number of unique caves in Zion National Park – including ones with a very story to tell. It’s one of the more challenging trails, but also offers some wonderful photo opportunities.

Biking in Zion National Park doesn’t have to mean long hours spent lost in the woods. With a little planning and preparation, you can enjoy many different activities while you’re visiting this amazing location. Take time to stop by the National Park Service office and talk to someone about which of the available options is best for you. They can then give you a variety of great options that allow you to do just about anything. From biking to hiking, there are plenty of ways for you to get the most enjoyment out of your trip – so be sure to check them out!