Top 7 Essential Components For Your Road Cycling Kit

A cycling kit is a protective clothing specifically designed for cycling. While most cyclists around the world wear standard road-style clothing when riding, a cycling jersey provides certain benefits for the more sport-orientated cyclist. A cycling jersey has been specifically cut short in the front to accommodate the cyclist’s bent-over posture normally used in sports-oriented cycling. A cycling kit is usually made of nylon or cotton and fits tightly to provide extra comfort and protection for the wearer.

cycling kit

Cycling equipment is separated into three basic categories: clothing, protective gear, and accessories. Clothing usually consists of a t-shirt, shorts, socks and gloves. Protective gear includes a helmet, padding, arm and leg protectors, and gloves. Accessories can be anything that you feel is necessary for your normal cycling activity. Accessories for road cycling may include bike locks, bottle holders, or other devices to help keep you safe and comfortable on the road. In addition to all of these things, you should also pack a first aid kit just in case you are injured during your cycling trip.

When it comes to clothing, the most important item is your jersey. A jersey will offer protection against the wind and rain, as well as provide you with good ventilation, keeping your body heat in during warm weather. Clothes such as shorts and jerseys should be properly fitting to ensure maximum comfort. When you are shopping for cycling clothes, it’s wise to shop for a top that doesn’t make you feel too hot or cold while cycling in cold weather. The most important consideration is to choose a top that you won’t fall asleep in, but will provide you with adequate warmth and protection. Popular brands for cycling shirts are Nike, Shimano, Pearl Izumi and others.

One more item that you should consider bringing along when cycling is bib shorts. Bib shorts protect the area between your legs by securing them into your bib shorts so that you can prevent the shorts from riding up. A popular type of bib shorts are vented bib shorts that allow heat to dissipate rather than absorbing it.

One other item that should be considered part of a cycling kit are proper shoes. Proper shoes are designed to provide traction, support and protection against injuries. Common types of cycling shoes include cleats, trail shoes or some other specialty shoe. Make sure that you choose a shoe with good tread and that it has reflective piping for safety.

The final component to consider for your road cycling kit is proper warm or cold gear. Cycling warm clothing like a lightweight jersey and warm gloves are a great way to stay comfortable while biking on the road in harsh weather. Wearing gloves can keep hands warm and minimize wind chaffing. Cycling socks are another option that is highly recommended to have warm feet in case your socks get wet from sweat or perspiration.