Bicycle Locks

A bicycle lock is usually a simple security device used to prevent bicycle theft, either from breaking open one of your wheels or by attaching the bicycle to some kind of fixed object, such as a bike carrier. Modern bicycles are often equipped with their own lock systems; however, it’s still always a good idea to practice proper bicycle security. Even if you’ve invested in one of these sophisticated systems, there is still no reason to leave your bicycle unlocked. If the bicycle is left unlocked, not only is it an obvious target for thieves, but it may also be taken without you even knowing it. It’s important to remember that security should extend to your bicycle too; leaving your bicycle out in the street, unattended to, is just as risky.

Bicycle locks are typically either built into the frame of the bicycle, or on a stand-alone lock mechanism mounted to the back wheel. The most secure system locks the back wheel hubs, preventing the bike from being turned without first putting the lock on the rear wheel. These locks can be hardwired to your bicycle or they can be wireless. Wired systems are more secure because they are harder to turn the bike over without first dismounting the back wheel, which is usually necessary in order to get the key to the back wheel.

Wires can provide a good home security, but they are not nearly as secure as a wired lock. Wireless bicycle locks, generally called the “brick kit” system, are made up of a series of circuit boards located in bike racks. These break into two separate circuits when the bicycle is in motion, one on each wheel. This means that anyone trying to steal the bicycle would have to disable both the alarm and the locks. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover your bike if the thief manages to disable both the alarm and the locks.

An often overlooked yet important part of securing your bicycle is a chain. A quality bike lock will come with a chain that goes around the rear wheel on both sides, ensuring that the rear wheel cannot be turned without first unlocking and removing the key. The chain is important not only for locking purposes but also for preventing against the bicycle being left leaning against a fence or in a parking lot, since a thief would need to break open the lock on the bicycle first in order to access the wheel.

Some thieves choose to break the tire of a bicycle while it is locked. This allows them easy access to the wheel, which they could then jack and steal. To prevent this, many security providers include a tire iron that is used in order to safely remove the tire without causing any damage to the frame of the bicycle.

Once you’ve installed and secured your bicycle, it’s important that you regularly maintain it. Properly maintaining your bicycle will ensure that it will continue to be safe and secure at all times. It is recommended that you change the battery in your bicycle at least once every two months. If you wish to use it throughout the course of the year, you should always consider buying a winter bike lock so as to make it possible to travel with your bicycle even during the winter. A quality security provider will provide you with all of these services and more when you invest in a high quality bicycle locks.